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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Interesting names this week: Eliora, Enoch and more.

I've heard of some wonderfully interesting names this week. Since I have a bit more homework than usual tonight, I'm going to keep this one short and sweet:
And no, I didn't intentionally pick three L boy names to start with, it just kinda happened. :)
Lexington-- Someone I know is considering this name as a possibility for their child, if it's a boy. I never would have considered it for a boy, but I think it's a really cool, unexpected choice. I love when people pick names that you never would have guessed; it's one of the most pleasant surprises for a Name Nerd like myself. :)
Lennox-- My current front runner for a boy. Looovvve Lennox. I think it's a great alternative to Lennon, which isn't necessarily a bad name, but all I hear is "linen," rather than thinking of the legendary Beetle member.

Lachlan-- I'm so happy to say I recently met a little Lachlan! He was about 8 years old, and came into the store I work in. His family was on vacation from Colorado. This name is super popular in other places around the world, and I have no doubts that it'll be popular in the U.S. soon, considering it just broke the top 1000 last year.
Ford-- Did you hear about the new Bachelorette baby? J.P. and Ashley Rosenbaum had their baby boy Fordham Rhys. I'm hoping that they'll call him Ford... simply because I prefer just Ford over Fordham.
Enoch-- Another old testament boy name that deserves some love. I think it's a fair alternative to Ezra, and sounds similar to Knox.
Hugo-- Trying to decide whether I love or hate this name. It does have the -O ending I seem to gravitate towards. Hmm.
Albany-- A place name that has been on the brain this week. I've seen several people online considering the name Alba. Albany is only two letters off.
Imogen-- It's finally happened. I've fallen for Imogen. On Nameberry, I seem to be very behind on the times with this one, because I think everyone else has fallen for it at this point. (I pronounce it "M-uh-jin.")
Noelia-- Saw this one on Pinterest! I love Noelle, and Noella. They are so, so beautiful, and get placed in the middle name spot sometimes, when I think they deserve the first name spot. Noelia brings it to a whole different level of exotic elegance.
Athena-- My pattern with Athena is that I fall head over heels for it... forget about it... and fall back in love with it again. So you can guess where I'm at today. I feel like I would get some flack for choosing this in the small, conservative town that I live in though, because Athena is the name of a Greek Goddess. But to me, she's a character, not a goddess. She's a strong, wise character and I love the thought of giving my daughter this name. This is one I would seriously consider using.
Eliora-- It's another one of those names that I don't understand why it isn't popular yet. It's right on trend, yet unnoticed.
Clover-- Such a sweet nature name. First there was Harper, then people began to catch on to Piper... Is Clover next on the girl -er name Popularity hit-list? Time will tell.
I apologize for the short post. Hopefully you enjoyed my little Name Loves for the week, like I enjoyed writing about them to procrastinate with homework... Yeahhhhh I better stop doing that now. Talk to you guys soon!

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