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Friday, October 17, 2014

In search of kiddos to feature for Baby Face Tuesday!

Does your child have a story behind how they got their name? I'd love to feature it.
I would need from you:
  •   Your child's first and middle name, and the story behind how you came up with the name.
  • -A picture is optional, but I do encourage it. Just because the purpose of this feature is to put a face to a name. But I would feature your child with or without a picture. Also, some parents have gotten creative and posted pictures of their child from behind, from far away, and have even given me older, less recent photos of their children. 
  •   "Almost" names; Names that you almost used or considered.
  •   What your child would have been named if it were the opposite gender.
  • Sibling names/Potential future sibling names
If you aren't an avid reader of the blog, go over -----> to this side, in my blog archive, and look at the Baby Face Tuesday posts of the past to see some examples.

 Can't wait to feature your sweet kids!
You can contact me via the blog (I have added a contact button on the side bar) or Facebook/Instagram, if you are friends with me/follow me.


  1. Um yeah I have a perfect specimen for you!!

  2. Facebook message me all the above info Crystal and I'll pencil Little Corbin in for next Tuesday! :)