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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Birth Announcements 10/8/14: Sebastian Rafe, Samuel Hart, Sloan Lily, and more.

I love doing the birth announcements feature. I find all kinds of interesting name ideas from parents with good taste out there.
This week, I'm gonna change it up and comment on a few of these, as needed, and I'm going to star (*) my favorites. Here are names of babies born from the last time I did this feature--September 17th-- to now.
*Please note that all of these are public record online, that I got from various hospitals.*
Jentry Marie
Louisa Isabel-- Not the first time this name has popped up on my Name-radar this week. A new vintage trend name on the horizon, maybe?
*Violet Rae-- Love Violet. Always have, always will. I like Rae paired with it, and I've never considered the two together.
Emerald Renee
*Sloan Lily-- Perfect balance between tomboy and girly.
Everly Jae-- This is one I'm for sure that Bradley would lovvvveee.
Eliana Iris-- PERFECT together.
Miriam Sadie
Thora Delphine
Halle Maren-- Maren is a great way to honor a Mary. It's a very over-looked name that has serious appeal.
Larkin Rose
Raya Aspen
Castiel David
Finn Elroy
Blake Jameson
Samuel Hart-- Samuel isn't quite my taste in boy names, but paired with Hart, I find it very handsome.
Boe Ryan-- I much prefer the spelling Beau. I'd really like this if the spelling were just different.
Hayden Phoenix
Mattox Rhett-- I prefer the spelling of Maddox, but I chose this name for the birth announcement feature because of the middle name, Rhett. I really love to see this name be used.
*Crosby Paul-- Whoaaaaaa, the coolness is off the charts here. I imagine very cool, indie parents using Crosby.
Oliver Keats
*Sebastian Rafe
Milo Aaron
Kai Remington-- I like Kai, and Remington, individually. I dislike them together, because they seem like such very different styles of names, but I think they are interesting together.

Alright that's all I've got. Almost the weekend! Have a great rest of your week, guys.


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