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Saturday, October 4, 2014

#selfiesaturday because I can't wait until tomorrow... I'm engaged!

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I am just so ecstatic, still. I stayed up until 3 AM last night because I didn't want to end yesterday; it was so perfect.
As you can tell from the title, I am engaged! Bradley and I are so happy, and the ring is perfect. (But I'll get to that.)
I wanted to write down the story of how it happened 1. Because many people have asked and 2. Because I want all of these details to be written down somewhere so that I never forget the awesomeness of this moment. So here is how I went from girlfriend to fiancé:
Bradley asked me a few weeks ago what I was doing on October 3rd, because there was a banquet for the Engineering department at the college he attends. (Since there are readers that I don't know, I don't feel comfortable putting the name of the college, but to local readers, it's the college campus closest to us!) He told me it was kind of a "dressy" thing, and so I agreed to go.
Spoiler alert: There was no banquet. But he had me 100% believing that there was, because he'd mention it throughout the week. We passed a building this week while we were walking on campus, and he randomly goes "See that building? That's where the banquet is going to be." "Oh, cool," I said, and never thought much about it. And he included so many other details that made it SO believable. He told me there would be finger foods for sure, but there may not be dinner, so if there wasn't, we'd go out to eat afterwards. He told me that he didn't get a chance to ask his friend if he was coming, so he didn't know if I'd meet him. Just simple, casual details.
So fast forward to last night, and we were getting ready to go. It started at 6:30, he said, so we ran a few errands around town, nothing out of the ordinary. We even went and bought him a new outfit (which he wore that night) and I was still in the dark completely. Right before we left, we talked to his friends Caleb and Samuel for a bit. We told them bye, and as we headed out the door, I glanced back inside and Caleb was only like a foot away from Bradley as we walked out the door. When we got in the car, I mentioned it: "So Caleb was like, right behind you when we walked out. It was really weird." His response: "Who knows, probably just some weird Caleb thing." And that was that.
We get to campus, and start walking, making small talk the whole time. We get to the fountain in the center of campus and he stops me, and brings me in close. I thought he was just going for a little PDA in the middle of campus and my first thought was "Really Bradley? Right now?"
He looks me in the eyes and says: "There is no banquet. I made it up."
And then I saw the sweat beaded up on his forehead.
And then my heart dropped to my stomach, because I knew.

And this was the moment that I realized what was happening

I remember him telling me that there was no one else he'd want to be with, and that he wanted to spend his life with me, but at that point, everything was so blurred. Adrenaline kicked in, and I felt like I was spinning. I was trying to take in all the surroundings at once: The breeze, the 20 or so people around us, the fact that my boyfriend had just got down on one knee! My knees were literally knocking. And then, those words:
"...So will you marry me?"

Not sure that my "Yes!" was even audible because my breaths were so short at that point. But I do remember nodding, so he definitely got the message.

And this was me getting the ring!

He got up to hug me and everyone around us was cheering. It was like some kind of incredible 80s movie, and we were the happy ending it was the coolest experience of my life! I looked over and there were Caleb and Samuel, taking pictures behind a brick wall! That explained Caleb creepily stalking behind us as we left the house!
After that, we went out for a steak dinner to celebrate. I was so proud. Of the ring, of Bradley, and of his efforts to surprise me. I hope I never ever forget that feeling as long as I live.
And so now... I'm going to be a Parrish! Not for a few years though; we can't afford a wedding yet, much less to be married together after the wedding. Just saving money, and planning, and negotiating; I want to walk down the aisle to Eminem and he isn't so sure.
(Kidding. Maybe.)
Oh, and here is my new bling. I'm so in love. With the ring and the man.