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Sunday, October 19, 2014

#selfiesunday: The things that will make my future husband a good one.

I have SO many ideas for future #selfiesunday posts. So many. But today this one feels appropriate for today.
Before I begin this list, I'll give you a brief bit about mine and Bradley's history. Our love story did not start out sappy; we kind of stumbled upon one another, and we were all like: "Okay. This is good." Our communication skills also kind of sucked for the first 6 months, and that didn't help. But somehow we made our way through the awkward forest, and ended up on this beautiful paradise of a relationship.
I have to tell you that I didn't just agree to marry Bradley because the moment was just right. That "YES!" that I said a few weeks ago was built up to by countless discussions and observations, on both of our parts. (We are both pretty practical people, most of the time.)
So here are some of the reasons why my future husband will be a good one.
  • We agree on the basics. That we want to go to church, how frequently we want to go, how to raise/discipline children, how to share our money, how far away we are willing to move, to rent or to own, all of that good, boring, necessary stuff. If you don't agree on any of the above things, you could have a tough road ahead of you, and I've learned that by watching other married couples struggle.
  • He has specific, legitimate goals. I tease him about how much he plays Xbox, but the truth is that Bradley knows what he wants in life. He decided he wanted to move out and get his own apartment, and he did it within a few months. He's working toward becoming an engineer, he has taken a job that he hopes will further that career. I know that Bradley will never expect me to keep him up. His goals and the work he puts forth to achieve them tell me that he's strong, and capable. I think everyone would agree that those things are important.
  • His patience is boundless. It seems like that, anyway. I know that sometimes I push all the wrong buttons, and I can get a little testy. He is never quick to anger; and he is always, without fail, willing to accept whatever part in the problem that he has ownership of. Which in turn, makes me realize that I need to do the same. This part of him pushes me to be a better person every single day.
  • He listens SO well. He puts my listening skills to shame, daily. This quality is why he is SO good at buying for me for Christmas, Birthdays, and Anniversaries, and I feel like I'm scrambling to get a decent gift. He can recall back things that I don't even remember saying when I'm telling stories. When we have a serious discussion, I can see it on his face how he's trying to capture every word that escapes my mouth. I can't tell you how much that means to me, and how I appreciate it. This makes me feel validated, and important.
  • He is sure of himself, in every situation. I can get very insecure, in social situations, specifically. Bradley can talk to anyone, about anything, and not get nervous. Because to the core of his being, he truly doesn't care what anyone else thinks of him. I admire that SO much. I love being with someone that I admire.
Those are 5 of the most important reasons, but I could go on and on with the little things. I really do love that ginger, for everything that he is, and for the standards he's set for other relationships in my life. And for the beard, of course...

Happy Sunday... hope everyone has a good week, and I'll be back to naming regularly soon... I promise. :)


  1. I do everything any man should for a woman with out hesitation. Not only because I love you, but because I respect you, and care for you just like you deserve.

  2. Can I just point out how great your name is on here? I love you Braddlefield. ;)