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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Baby Face Wednesday (because I have a semi-good reason): Miss Mila and Mr. Cato

I know, I know... I'm hanging my head in shame. BUT my reason for being late this time is... I just started watching American Horror Story on Netflix, and I got hooked. Netflix has a way of doing that to you.
This Tuesday, I am in love with these kids' names:
Mila Arden
Little Mila on the beach
"We chose Mila as it is a prettier short form of the very old-fashioned Spanish name Milagros, meaning miracles. We thought we might not be able to have children so a name derived from miracles seemed very apt. Her middle name Arden means "eagle valley" or "high" - birds have personal significance for me and we also liked the literary association with Shakespeare (the forest of Arden is in As You Like It). My only regret with Mila's first name is that it has skyrocketed in popularity in the five years since we chose it. Otherwise, I still love it!"
Cato Bennett
"My husband is very interested in Roman history and he wanted a Roman name for our son. We chose Cato as it seemed to have a more modern, upbeat sound to it compared to some of the other Roman names... Tiberius and Aurelius come to mind. They would make an odd sibset with Mila! Cato is unusual but still fits in with other names used today like Hugo and Milo. Cato also means "wise" in Latin which we thought was a positive. For us his name was perfect and he became Cato when I found out I was carrying a boy at 19 weeks pregnant - being a tad obsessive over names I never in my life thought I would be able to pick a name so soon! Bennett means blessed and he was given this name for the same reason that we picked Mila. I also love Pride and Prejudice and like that Bennett reminds me of the Bennet family."
Potential future sibling names: "For now we are set on two children but a possible future girl would most likely be Lyra and a boy would be Atlas."
Other tidbits their mama shared with me:
 - I like that both Mila and Cato have four letters, two syllables
- I like that Mila's middle starts with A and Cato's with B and both are two syllables
- I like the link between miracles and blessed
- I like that both middles have literary associations.
And that is the story of how Mila and Cato got their names. A big thank you to their mama for letting me feature her babes! Again, sorry for the delay guys.

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