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Sunday, October 12, 2014

I'm back! With names this time: The -ana and -ora sisters.

I feel up to naming tonight, even after a not-so-long day at work. Soooo, here are some girl names that end in -ana/-anna, and some girl names that end in -ora:
Ariana-- Like the Grande girl taking the pop world by storm. This name is rising FAST.
Eliana-- If you're an avid reader of Name Loves, you'll know why I adore this name. It means "My God has answered." Which is so beautiful.
Fianna-- Remember Danny Masterson from That 70s Show? Yeah, he named is daughter Fianna Francis. I love Fianna; Has the same feel as Fiona, without the Shrek association that I mentioned in my last post.
Giovanna-- Snooki's baby girl's name. An Italian classic.
Juliana-- I think this name is gorgeous and classic.
Liana-- I only know one woman with this name. Has a similar feel to Leah, but with extra frills.
Nirvana-- One of the more daring names on this list. Hats off to the brave parents who have gone for Nirvana! Gives a baby pretty big shoes to fill.
Rihanna-- Yes, like the singer. Some of you may like that association, others may not.
Tiana-- Pretty sure this is a Disney Princess name. Right? I'm not the world's biggest Disney follower, so, forgive me if that's wrong.
Vienna-- Okay this isn't EXACTLY an -ana name BUT it's a place name that gets little to no recognition and I think it's a shame.
Aurora-- As in the famous Sleeping Beauty. Another Disney Princess name on this list. Love the nickname Rory for a girl.
Annora-- Found this is a baby name book a while back. I briefly crushed on it, and then realized that it wasn't for me. But I'd love to hear of someone using it.
Cora-- A name rising in popularity. I'd for sure use Coraline for my daughter.
Dora-- If you can let go of the cartoon explorer, you may can find some appeal in this name.
Eliora-- Covered this name a few posts ago. I find it to be crazy enchanting.
Flora-- Another name I covered a few posts ago-- This one has potential.
Isadora-- Another enchanting one, and a way less popular alternative to the crazyyyyy popular Isabella. So tired of hearing of little Isabellas. (No offense to any Isabella fans out there.)
Lenora/Leonora-- Lenora is my favorite of the two. It means "light" and I find it to be so, so beautiful.
Nora-- Beautiful. Timeless. Familiar, but not crazy popular, although I think it's getting there fast at number #83 in popularity in 2013. Nora lovers better act fast and use this name while it's still under the Top 50. ;)
Pandora-- A mythological name that I'd never use, but find interesting.
And here are some pictures of some people who wear these names:
Ariana Grande


Sweet little Fianna Masterson


Isadora Duncan, an American dancer.
And there you have it! Gorgeous girl names, with the -ana, and the -ora ending. Hope you enjoyed! Don't forget about Baby Face Tuesday this week. I am honestly so excited for these two siblings; if your taste is anything like mine, their names will definitely intrigue you.

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