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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Baby Face Wednesday because...woops: Mr. Ezekiel

So last night, I came home, got settled in to blog.... and realized that I forgot to study for my biology quiz. And Biology (sadly) has to come before baby naming in my book!
Anyways, this week for the Baby Face Feature, we are featuring a very well-named little boy, whose mother has opted to not share his photo, but wanted to share his Name Story:
Ezekiel Andrew
"My husband and I really struggled with boy's names. Girls names were not an issue. We kept fighting over names until one night, when I was around 30 weeks pregnant, I had a dream that I had a baby boy named Zeke. I mentioned it to my husband just in passing the next morning and he LOVED it. In the end it was the only name we agreed on so that was that! And Andrew is my father's middle name."

His almost names: "As I mentioned we absolutely couldn't agree, but my husband really liked Blake Daniel (too many 'L' sounds for me) and I adored Levi John/Levi Andrew and Bodhi John/Bodhi Andrew."

What his name would have been if he were a girl: "We had 4 girls names combinations that we agreed on; Ivy Noelle, Ivy Alexandra, Rose Alexandra and Madeline Rose."

Potential future sibling names: "If I had my way his siblings would be Bodhi John and Ivy Noelle. If my husband had his way they would be Blake Daniel and Madeline Rose."
And that is the story of how Zeke got his name! The sibset Ezekiel Andrew and Ivy Noelle would be so adorable; I love it. Thanks to Zeke's mama for sharing his story with Name Loves!

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