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Sunday, October 12, 2014

#selfiesunday: A lazy blogger, her weekly ventures, and a naming dilemma.

I most definitely have NOT been as avid of a blogger as I was in the beginning, and I do apologize for that. School is getting a bit more... dense. I've got a five-page paper, and a speech due after fall break, which is coming up, so I probably won't get better about blogging more frequently anytime soon... But bear with me. I'll get better... eventually. :)
This weekend has been BUSY. Busier than I've had in awhile. Partly because my mom and I spent all day Friday shopping, which was crazy-fabulous:

The List. My mom and I don't play around.

And the last picture is #thehaul. I didn't exactly stick to the list, but... whatever. Oh, and I'm actually drinking my morning coffee out of the reusable cup in that picture!
Yesterday, I took off of work so my sweet fiancé and I could have a day. We were going to do something more adventurous, and go to a museum or something out of town, but we're both kind of broke, so we went to the movies and a park (out of town) and ate a delicious chicken and shrimp alfredo that he cooked us.

Don't ask. Just a silly picture that was 100% his idea.

And like the thousands of couples before us, we carved our initials in the bamboo forest. Adorable, I know.

So this brings us back to the present: Me blogging right before I go into work.
Which brings me into the naming dilemma.
It's not necessarily a dilemma, but can be for some people.
The question is: Did you / Will you reveal your baby's name before it's born?
I know a couple that told their names for a boy/girl right after they found out, and I know couples that aren't even sure of the baby's name until it's born. Obviously, there is no wrong way to go about it, but it's strictly personal preference. I love to hear peoples' thoughts on this subject.
Bradley and I have talked about that, and we want to keep our future child's name a secret until it's born. Why? Mainly because I have not-so-average taste, and I'm afraid that if I go around telling people, then they'll have something rude to say about it, or just a bad association to tie to it: "Fiona? Fiona, like the ogre from Shrek?"
And then I'd smile as politely as I could and reply: "Yeah. Like her."
**Fiona isn't the name we picked out, by the way. I just thought that would be a good example of my fears of sharing the name. Although I think Fiona is beautiful.**
I don't want other peoples' tactlessness to ruin my adoration for a name. Especially since Bradley and I agree on so few of them, we don't exactly have many other choices.
Now I do have an admiration for people who don't care at all. They share the name because they are proud of it and are willing to completely brush off any rude comments.
I just don't think I'm one that could brush it off. It would piss me off, and it would brew in my mind until I'd have to change the name. Is that bad? Maybe.
If I were picking a family name however, I think I'd feel differently.
My late grandmother's name was Alice. I think I'd love to use her name on my child someday. That would be something I'd tell people, because there truly is no way someone could stain that wonderful association in my mind. I'd be incredibly proud of my little Alice.
With the names we have picked out now, I don't think anyone could dislike the girls name, unless they just dislike feminine names for girls, or the nickname we have to go with it. As far as the boy name we have picked out... I can see how some people could dislike it. The ending sound doesn't go along with a lot of trends for boy names in America, but it's a variation of a family name, and we both like it a lot.
But then again, you never know what shamelessly rude people will say. So for now, They'll remain a secret until we actually have a little Parrish one day far, far from now.

Anyways, that's all I've got. Hopefully I'll get back into the blogging-swing of things soon. Oh, and I can't WAIT for Baby Face Tuesday. I absolutely adore the names of the siblings I'm featuring. :)

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