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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Loveable B names: Blake, Bijou, Booker , and more.

I've been finding myself really liking B names lately. I'll share a few with you before I head to work in a few:

Bryn/Brynn-- This is a name that goes great in a middle name spot for almost anything. It's a really simple, versatile name.

Blake/Blakely-- A unisex name that I specifically like for a girl, probably because I know more girls with this name than boys. It has that strong A sound in the middle that Americans seem to like.

Bliss-- This name is for the more brave Namer. I see this name totally fitting in with the other names with strong S sounds, like Alyssa, Carissa, Tristan, and more. But it's meaning could be a little extreme for some parents. I find it to be darling.

Blanche-- I'd never use it, just because it isn't really my style. However, I love it because of Mrs. Blanche Devereaux from the Golden Girls.

Beatrice/Beatrix/Bea-- Speaking of Golden Girls... my favorite actress on the show was Beatrice "Bea" Arthur, who played Dorothy. Again, it isn't quite my style but I'd definitely use it as a middle name. I included Beatrix because it seems to be the more popular spelling on the name sites I'm on.

Breeze-- Remember Levi Johnston? Bristol Palin's baby daddy? Well, he had a second child with his now-wife, and her name is Breeze Beretta. A little too "B" for me, but I think Breeze is really interesting.

Bijou-- A name that's a little more off the wall. Daphne Oz named her daughter Philomena Bijou (a mouthful of a name, to say the least). But bijou is French for "jewel" and I think that's super pretty.

Blue-- Yes, as in Blue Ivy. I feel like this name hasn't gone up in popularity as much as I thought ever since Queen B herself used it.

Bloom-- I love love love this for a middle name. How adorable would this be?!

Brielle/Briella-- A craazzzzyyy sweet girl name.

Bronwyn-- Starting to see this one on name sites more and more. Maybe people are catching on to this undiscovered gem of a name.

Bear-- Alicia Silverstone used the name Bear Blu for her son. It feels like a really cuddly name.

Baylor-- I like this name equally for each gender. There was a girl with this name on Survivor last night.

Blaise-- Had never seen this spelling of Blaze until today. It puts a softer spin on a really macho boy name, and I like that.

Beckett-- A name love of mine for a really long time. It's not my favorite anymore, but I still really like this.

Bennett-- I always went back and forth between Beckett and Bennett, and still do. Can't decide which one I like more.

Bram/Braham-- Graham is growing on popularity. Why not Bram?

Bosley-- Bill Horn and Scout Masterson aka "The Guncles" named their newest addition Bosley and call him "Baby Boz." I never would have picked that name, but seeing his sweet face on my Instagram definitely has given it a good association in my mind!

Brooks-- A unisex name that I like more for a boy. Has a very preppy feel to it.

Bodhi-- I've been hearing a lot of this name in the celeb world. I like it, but not enough to use it. I'd love meeting a little Bodhi.

Booker-- One of my newest Name Loves. I've always been a sucker for surnames, but this one takes the cake. Unique, but familiar. Perfection.

Bowie-- Gwen Stefani named her new baby boy Apollo Bowie Flynn, which is definitely one of the most interesting celeb baby names this year, in my opinion. Gwen has a knack for choosing unpredictable boy names. Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo = Whoaaaa.


  1. Great list.. I love Bijou, Beatrice, Bram & Bennett. I also like Bear, Bronwyn & Brynn.

  2. Thank you Carly! I realized writing this post that there are tons of great B names... I kept adding on and adding on!