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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The -ley & -el brothers: Kingsley, Kael, and more.

I introduced you to the -ana & -ora sisters. Now, I would like you to meet the -ley & -el brothers.

I've noticed that there are wayyyy too many people think that most names for boys that end in -ley and -el are girly, and it's simply not true. This is due to the massive trend of girls being named Isabel, Annabel, Hadley, Ansley and more. So today I wanted to show you some awesome boy names that end in -ley and -el:

Bradley-- My own sweet fiancé has this name that ends in -ley. This is one of those -ley names that still are used mainly for boys today. Many -ley names that were once "boy only" names have switched over to the girl side (Like Hadley and Ansley mentioned above, but also Ashley, Bailey, and more.)

Finley/Findley-- I saw this second spelling on a TV show recently. I'm kind of intrigued by it. Finley is hugely popular for little boys in England right now.

Huxley-- As in the author of "A Brave New World." And how cool would the nickname "Hux" be?

Oakley-- A sweet "country boy" name that I don't think I could pull off , but I like to see others make it work.

Riley-- Another one that has sadly gone to the girls over the past few years, although I did recently meet a little boy Riley. I like it for a boy much more than a girl, truthfully.

Kingsley-- If you like Kingston but it's a bit too high up on the charts for you, here is your compromise.

Hurley-- I adore this for a boy. I recently saw a little boy on Instagram with this name, and I'm in love with it now.

Presley-- I see quite a few girls with this name, but never any boys. Why? I think Elvis makes this super wearable for boys as well.
Abel-- A super soft, sweet biblical boy name. I adore the nickname Abe.
Axel-- One letter away from Abel, completely different feel. Axel is a super-macho name.
Lionel-- I didn't like this name until I watched the movie Because I
Said So with Diane Keaton. The little boy in the movie has this name, and he was so cute.
Ezekiel-- Covered this one during the last Baby Face post.
Gabriel-- Aaaand this one was covered in the second-ever Baby Face Post.
Cael/Kael-- This is just another way to spell Cale/Kale, sans the leafy green imagery, if that turns you off to the name.
Marvel-- Now this one, I'll admit, I like on a girl best. Simply because I first paired it with a hyper-feminine name when I fell for it. But I think it could work on either gender quite well.
Satchel-- Mia Farrow and Woody Allen used this name for their now-grown son. He goes by Ronan now, and I'm curious as to why he gave up Satchel in the first place.
My favorites from this pick are Hurley and Kael, and Satchel runs a close second. And obviously Bradley is a name that's close to my heart. ;)
I'll be back on later to post Baby Face Tuesday, don't forget to check back for it!

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