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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Name Loves lately: Branch, Beatrix, and more.

I know I've posted today, but I'm in the naming spirit. So here we go, names that I've been thinking on this week:
Elula-- Sasha Baron Cohen and his wife Isla Fisher are expecting again. This name will no doubt be interesting, considering their first two children are Olive and Elula. Elula (pronounced "uh-lula") is a Hebrew name that comes from Elul, which is a month on the Hebrew calendar. I am a sucker for the nickname Lula, so I do like this name.
Azure-- This beautiful color name gets overlooked a lot. It's got the trendy A sound that people seem to love, and a soft Z sound that is just soothing to me. It also has a sound similar to Asher, which is gaining popularity fast.
Flora-- Lol, this name I heard just last night watching the Addams Family. I personally dislike it, simply because I don't find it pleasant to say, but I think I could change my mind if I saw a cute baby Flora.
Aurelia-- A name I prefer over the trendy Aurora. It's much easier to say ("uh-reel-yuh") and it's much less popular.
Beatrix-- This name falls into that category of "I wouldn't use it, but I'd love it if someone else did" names. I have a ton of those. :P
Sienna-- Ellen Pompeo had her baby girl this week, named Sienna May. Sienna has a super sweet sound. <--- That is tongue twister material.
Kirrily-- Saw this one this week on Nameberry. Kirrily may be a little to close to "cheerily" for some people, but I see this as an appealing part of the name. It feels "happy" for that reason. It feels like a mash up between two sweet names, Kira/Keira and Lily, yet it is it's own name.
Rosalie-- This one rose in popularity during the Twilight craze, which is why some avoided it. Since Twilight has come and gone, I think this name is definitely usable, and super sweet.
Jethro-- This one has been popping up all over the forums, all of the sudden. With all of the hipster boy names ending in -o, and a sea of biblical boy names in the top 100, Jethro seems only logical to be a trend in the near future.
Draven-- When I was a freshman, I wanted to name my daughter Dreavyn. (Yikes.) And I remembered that name today. I like it much better for a boy now, spelled that way. It sounds like a total rock star name.
Branch-- I haven't heard this name on someone under 80. Why is that?! It's a nature name that feels so strong and rugged. It feels like a great alternative to Brantley, which is a name that seems to be everywhereeee.
Campbell-- Met a preteen boy named Campbell a little while back... and he was a ginger. Naturally, I pictured my future son and fell hard for it.
Boone-- Eric Church and his wife are expecting their second child, and I'm ready to hear the name of that one. It'll be interesting to see how they top their first son's name, Boone McCoy.
Julius-- A great, less popular alternative to Julian, and that -us ending just makes it feel so masculine to me.
Ellington-- Want a jazzy name for your baby? This one honors the Duke himself.
Palmer-- This is the last name of one of my best friends. Palmer is such a soft surname, and I think it makes a great name for a baby boy, or girl, but I personally prefer it on a boy.
That's it! Hope you enjoyed readers, and have a great week.

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